Euro tour problems…!

The concerts in Jena, Berlin and Copenhagen have unfortunately been cancelled.Hello everyone, Toundra here.Yesterday on the road our van broke down. We were unable to continue our journey from Munich to Jena.

We spent five hours on the highway under the sun waiting for a tow truck to pick us up. Later, two hours in a closed workshop to find us some taxis to be able to return to Munich to try to solve the situation.We have tried to continue the tour by all means.

We have spoken with 50% of the German population, which is the one that has a van. We have been on the phone for hours trying to find different solutions…. But it has been impossible for us. All of us musicians were really looking forward to this time, after more than two years, in which we can once again express ourselves on stage… and for this reason there are no vans available to replace our beloved Jaime’s.

The concerts in Jena (yesterday) Berlin and Copenhagen are cancelled. On Tuesday our van will be fixed and we can continue with the tour. We’ll see each other in Hamburg and at the Freak Valley Festival.

The promoters will inform soon of the ticket return process.You don’t know how sad we are to have to broadcast this news. Many thanks to everyone for your support on social media, Sound Of Liberation for their help, promoters and venues for their understanding.

Special thanks to Raúl and Jaime, our crew on the road. Without them this would be less simple, we don’t know, but much less pleasant and fun.

Love, sun tanned Toundra.

I hope you understand the situation.

Best regards

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